04 August 2020: Loop.

03 August 2020: Monikie Country Park, Angus.

02 August 2020: Dundee.

01 August 2020: Broughty Ferry.

20 July 2020: I Can See the Beach From Here (2020) Acrylic on canvas board, 7 by 5 inches.

15 July 2020: New project starting soon, get in touch if you’re interested!

14 July 2020: Hugs.

13 July 2020: Nap.

12 July 2020: TV.

11 July 2020: Joyride.

10 July 2020: Burnout.

09 July 2020: Ruin.

07 July 2020: WFH.

03 July 2020: A few more behind the scenes shots from yesterday’s Sunny Dundee face mask launch.

02 July 2020: Pamela being photographed with Milli by Mhairi Edwards for the Dundee Courier, part of the launch of a Sunny Dundee face mask she was commissioned to illustrate.

01 July 2020: Jug on a window sill.

30 June 2020: Studies: Sōfu Iwa (2020) Acrylic and pencil on canvas board, 7 by 5 inches. I’ve been playing with these shapes for a while now but have yet to bring them together in a composition that works. Sōfu Iwa is a deserted island off Japan also called Lot’s Wife. I moved around a bit when I was growing up and so got used to looking forward rather than back. Looking back is punished in stories such as with Lot’s Wife and Orpheus but therapy in my experience encourages it, a contradiction I’ve been considering in a lot of recent works.

29 June 2020: Maple Acer.

28 June 2020: Courgette.

26 June 2020: Microphone.

19 June 2020: Lockdown DIY.

17 June 2020: With Teeth (2020) Acrylic and pencil on canvas, 8 by 20 inches.

16 June 2020: Trees.

15 June 2020: Den.

14 June 2020: Nap.

13 June 2020: Don’t Look Back (2019/20) Acrylic on canvas mounted on board in handmade wooden frame, 9 1/2 by 7 inches.

12 June 2020: Handmade wooden frame ready for painting.

11 June 2020: Miles of pines.

10 June 2020: Fun guy.

09 June 2020: Detail from Dancing at Angles (2020) Acrylic and pencil on canvas, 8 by 20 inches.

08 June 2020: Work in progress. Slowly.

07 June 2020: Rainy Days Always Make Me Sad (2020) with detail. Acrylic and pencil on canvas board in handmade wooden frame, 8 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches.

06 June 2020:

05 June 2020: More from Baldragon Woods.

04 June 2020: Baldragon Woods.

03 June 2020: Rope Works and Strawberry Bank, Dundee.

02 June 2020: Daily government mandated walk.

01 June 2020: Garages off Windsor Street, Dundee.

31 May 2020: Study: With Teeth (2020) and The Earth Will Spit Us Out One Day (2020) Acrylic on canvas board, 7 by 5 inches, and acrylic and sand on canvas, 11 3/4 by 11 3/4 inches.

30 May 2020: Pamela, Munich.

29 May 2020: New painting titled Dancing at Angles (2020) Acrylic and pencil on canvas, 8 by 20 inches.

28 May 2020: Drawing at angles.

27 May 2020: Shadows, Munich.

26 May 2020: Mannequins, Munich.

25 May 2020: Reflections, Munich. Photographed on good ol’ Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed two stops.

24 May 2020: Yesterday I was featured by the Scottish Portrait Awards as their Artist of the Day with my portrait of Pamela taken while screen printing with the Dundee Print Collective at the Dundee Contemporary Arts print studio. The image was shortlisted for the 2017 awards and exhibited at the Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh.

23 May 2020: Two rolls of film shot in 2018 that I never got round to developing at the time came back from the lab yesterday. The images above were taken while walking at Wormit with Pamela.

22 May 2020: As part of my work on Sharing Photographs, a distance learning programme created with Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust, I was asked to provide some reflections to Arts Culture Health and Wellbeing Scotland on my experience and response to the Covid-19 crisis as a creative professional. The full article can be found here.

21 May 2020: Study for a new painting called Dancing at Angles, acrylic on canvas board, 7 by 5 inches.

20 May 2020: Queen of all she surveys.

19 May 2020: Hands.

18 May 2020: Kids next door have been out screeving.

17 May 2020: New painting titled Wave (2020) with surface detail on the right. Acrylic and sand on canvas, 14 by 10 inches.

16 May 2020: The Storm (2020) A6 linocut print.

15 May 2020: Low tide.

14 May 2020: Desire line.

13 May 2020: Reeds.

12 May 2020: Engine.

11 May 2020: Pamela in the studio.

10 May 2020: Wave study from this morning, acrylic on canvas board, 7 by 5 inches.

09 May 2020: New painting just finished titled Dawn Chorus (I Listen to the Birds While My Neighbours Are Asleep), acrylic on canvas, 11 3/4 by 11 3/4 inches.

08 May 2020: On the beach.

07 May 2020: Jump!

06 May 2020: Rowing on the River Tay. These two digital drawings were based on footage filmed for an installation at The McManus Art Gallery & Museum, part of their currently postponed exhibition Time & Tide: The Transformation of the Tay.

05 May 2020: Adding the last coat of varnish to Lea Rig (Yellow and Green). The first version of this design was painted on board and has now been sold, this version is on canvas and is slightly smaller at 15 3/4 inches square.

04 May 2020: Stairway.

03 May 2020: On the Dundee Law Pillbox.

02 May 2020: WFH.

01 May 2020: Bella at work in her studio.

30 April 2020: Pamela starting on a new canvas.

29 April 2020: Tree.

28 April 2020: Pamela, Bella and Milli.

27 April 2020: Sofa.

26 April 2020: Zigzag.

25 April 2020: Parentheses.

22 April 2020: Papier-mâché.

19 April 2020: Lichen.

18 April 2020: Derelict barn and tree.

15 April 2020: Dirt in the Ground (2020) A6 linocut print.

12 April 2020: Brew Dog (2019) Approx. A5 linocut print.

09 April 2020: More new work in progress.

05 April 2020: New work in progress.

04 April 2020: Refracted cacti, photographed for an online course I’m currently working on with Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust.

31 March 2020: Tree.

29 March 2020: Bench.

21 March 2020: The final curtain.

17 March 2020: Shadow play.

15 March 2020: Lazy dayz.

08 March 2020: Another mixed media workshop in Arbroath yesterday with Dundee Print Collective and Hospitalfield House, this time in the Welcome Space on the High Street.

29 February 2020: Artist talk by painter Nicola Wiltshire at Verdant Works this afternoon about her residency at the Halley Stevenson textile factory in Dundee. Three works produced during this time are currently on show as part of Spirit of the Jute Mills, an exhibition of Dundee Heritage Trust’s collected art and artifacts.

28 February 2020: Mixed media workshop at Arbroath Academy yesterday with Dundee Print Collective and Hospitalfield House as part of Arbroath 2020, a cultural, arts and community festival celebrating the 700th anniversary of The Declaration of Arbroath.

27 February 2020: Arbroath.

26 February 2020: Tongue twister.

21 February 2020: Recently added the 100mm f/2.8 to my collection of Nikon Series E lenses. These old manual focus primes are small, light and seriously cheap for the quality of image they produce.

20 February 2020: On the river again this morning from Wormit out under the Tay Rail Bridge and back.

19 February 2020: Experimenting at the DCA Young Photo Club yesterday

17 February 2020: It’s like a jungle sometimes.

16 February 2020: The Dichty Water.

14 February 2020: P ♥

12 February 2020: Another sketchbook pattern.

11 February 2020: Two sketches from 2018. For the past couple of years I’ve been playing with patterns, drawing them out in sketchbooks before scanning and colouring them in on the computer. Sometimes I go on to paint them like the design called Lea Rig on the left which I’ve produced twice, once on board last year and once on canvas last month for Fun-A-Day, Dundee.

10 February 2020: Milli ♥

09 February 2020: Path to Trottick Mill Ponds, a favourite walk for Pamela, Milli and I.

08 February 2020: Don’t look back. Detail from Blind Spot painted in January as part of Fun-A-Day, Dundee. Acrylic on canvas, 8 by 20 inches.

07 February 2020: Recording the Abertay Lightship Bell at The McManus Collections Unit last month.

06 February 2020: Construction plans for the St Ayles Skiff designed by Iain Oughtred. This 4 oared rowing boat was commissioned by The Scottish Fisheries Museum in 2009 as a vessel for use in The Scottish Coastal Rowing Project and inspired by a traditional Fair Isle Skiff. Several can be found on the River Tay near Dundee at the Royal Tay Yacht Club and Wormit Boating Club.

04 February 2020: Back to the drawing board.

03 February 2020: Prince Charles Wharf, Dundee.

31 January 2020: Coastal Rowing with the Royal Tay Yacht Club photographed as part of a new collaboration with The McManus Art Gallery & Museum to create an installation for their forthcoming exhibition Time & Tide: The Transformation of the Tay.

29 January 2020: Detail from When I’ve Done the Work o’ Day painted last year after attending a boatbuilding artist residency run by the Archipelago Folkschool at Ardtun on the Ross of Mull. Acrylic on canvas, 14 by 10 inches.

27 January 2020: Two studies from last year, a plane and a skiff. Both featured in Little Originals, an exhibition curated by painter Nicola Wiltshire. Nicola wrote, ‘Do you daydream of escape? Is 2020 the year of adventure or braving new waters? Let art inspire you with these exquisite paintings by David P Scott. At first these appear minimal, a plane in blue sky, a boat in teal water. But actually these are very thoughtful works. David has simplified the shapes in both paintings so that they remain recognisable, yet he leaves enough space for your own interpretation. A very generous way of working! The lines articulate choppy sea, but they could also suggest anything from psychological turmoil to a pattern that is just satisfying to look at. When speaking to David about these works we joked about how hard it is to make something look so simple. It’s true! My favourite is the blue plane, imagine looking up at this painting next time you are feeling trapped in the depths of British winter. The sky is full of Moroccan heat and the plane could be pink from the sun’s reflections. These are just my thoughts. Someone snap them up!’

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