Photograph by Erika Stevenson.

Dundee Contemporary Arts and The McManus Art Gallery & Museum

David has worked as a freelance artist/tutor with Dundee Contemporary Arts and The McManus since 2018. He is also part of a team of photographers that deliver the DCA Young Photo Club, a fortnightly skills-building workshop for young photographers aged 11-16. | | DCA Young Photo Club

Photograph by Pamela Scott.

Dundee Print Collective

Alongside contributing to DPC projects as an artist, David also works with the collective co-founders to deliver projects such as Poster Playground at Dundee Design Festival 2019 and Exodus at Hot Chocolate Trust alongside photography, videography and website development. | Trouble Video Documentation | Dundee Design Festival

Resident Resonance Podcast

David records, edits and provides photography for the Resident Resonance podcast by Dr Laura Findlay, a project that aims to build urban and rural spaces through sound.

Resident Resonance Episodes

Archipelago Folkschool Boatbuilding Artist Residency

In April 2019 David was part of the first boatbuilding artist residency run by the Archipelago Folkschool at Ardtun on the Ross of Mull. Over eight days seven artists and two teachers built a Chase Small Craft Caravelle Skiff, oars and canoe. | Guest Blog for Creative Dundee

Photographs by the Tap & Talk iPad Group.

Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust

In the autumn of 2018 David worked with Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust in collaboration with the Dundee University Tap & Talk iPad Group to deliver an eight week course on using the iPad camera and various apps as a communication tool for people with aphasia. David also volunteers/works for Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust’s ST/ART programme at Dundee Contemporary Arts delivering short participatory arts courses on printmaking and animation as a contribution to the rehabilitation, health and wellbeing of the stroke, brain injured and chronic pain community in Tayside. | Tap & Talk

Pamela Scott

David regularly collaborates with his wife printmaker Pamela Scott photographing her work, documenting her various public art projects and assisting with website development.

State of Print

As a citizen of the State of Print David has provided photography and website development alongside working the state border when SoP went live at the DCA20 celebrations. | DCA20

Colin J Scott

Since releasing three EPs as The Wonderful Adventures, David and his brother Colin have collaborated over several mediums including film soundtracks, songwriting, live performances and various photography and video projects.

Elegy | In Her Absence | Stenton Sessions | Artist Rooms

The Mirror Trap

David worked with The Mirror Trap between 2013 and their disbanding in 2018 photographing gigs, portraits and behind the scenes as well as filming sessions and music videos for lead singles from the band’s last two releases, EP Silent Men and LP Simulations. Alongside TMT, over the years David has worked with Book Group, Culann and Skjør amongst others.

New Trance | Bleach Your Bones | Little Ease

David D Scott

Since 2014 David has collaborated with his father to produce video content for his original research alongside the Parish of Traprain and Lothian Presbytery. |

Amy Jones

David collaborated with artist Amy Jones filming her piece I’m Finding Your Company Difficult alongside recently assisting with website development. | I’m Finding Your Company Difficult

In Her Absence

In Her Absence was written and demoed by David in 2006 receiving airplay at the time from Renaissance FM in London before being re-recorded in Glasgow the following year by Chris Gorman with a piano arrangement by Colin J Scott. Filmed in 2015, the video features Harris Brine alongside the streets and rooftops of Leith. It won third place in the 2015 Palme-Dewar Short Film Competition, part of the Aberfeldy Film Festival, and was screened during the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe as part of Motion Creatures in association with BARK.

Single Download | Video

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