King of the Bongo (2018) and You Don’t Dance Like You Used To (2017) A3 screen prints.

Study in Blue I (2016) and Pink and Blue (2018) A2 screen print and A3 gel plate print.

David at Work in his Study (2019) Approx. A4 linocut print.

Untitled Study (2019) and Cut Lino After Printing (2019) Approx. A4 linocut print.

Tin Can Telephone (2015) and Sleep in Peace Now the War is Over (2018) Approx. A2 Screen print and A3 gel plate print.

Him There Alone (2019) A4 woodblock print.

Uisge Beatha (2016) and Squad Goals (2016) A3 screen print and approx. A3 screen print.

Nothing as Expected (2016) and Dead Man (2019) A3 screen print and A4 woodblock print.

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